Corian™ Demo Day a Great Success!

We had a great turnout to our Corian™ demo day last week at the Diverse Shopfitters workshop. 15 selected designers and store developers came to see first hand some of the many design possibilities that Corian™ opens up for them.

Corian™ contains no silicates and can be bent, twisted, cut and routed into virtually any shape. It is strong, durable and non porous - perfect for food, retail or healthcare applications.

Visitors got to hand form their own Corian™ knots and also got their hands on bowls, basins and signage applications for this wonder material. Thanks to Sylvia and Paul from CASF who helped put the day together, and to John Spatino from Corsa Lighting for the light box.

If you are keen to attend the next Corian™ demo day, get in touch and we'll put you on the list.

Corian Demo Day Gallery